pet portraiture



Have reservations about hanging a picture of your pet in your home? Worried it might appear tacky? Not if it's commercial-grade photography, worthy of occupying space, not only on your walls, but even in mainstream media. So dare to express your pet obsession through a pop art sensibility, and I promise you will be floored by the finished product.

I'm a PDN 30 and SPD-award winning editorial and commercial photographer, and also the former photo director at Travel + Leisure  and former creative director at Food & Wine and

One day I turned the camera on my french bulldog @FrenchieSkylarWhite, utilizing the same lighting techniques I've employed in travel, portrait, and still life shoots for such clients as Food & WineTravel + LeisureW, the NYT, Epicurious... And the results were stunning and, to my surprise, soulful.

What better way to simultaneously exercise one's love of both animals and photography than to offer this service to others who feel the same. So don't shrink from that love. Declare it. Own it. Here, you will find no judgment. I kiss my dog... a lot.