February 28, 2013

Porcupines at Nose Hill Park in Calgary

Nose Hill Park in Calgary is a great place to run in to porcupines. It’s not so great if your dog runs into the porcupine, though. According to our Veterinarian, Nose Hill Park has the highest porcupine dog encounter rate in the city. Keep your pup on a leash, if you suspect one of these critters is in the immediate area. The cost to remove quills (especially after hours) can be pretty expensive.

Our crew spotted a porcupine in a bush at Calgary’s Nose Hill Park last Friday.  We took a few shots with the 70mm lens but we were wishing we had the telephoto lens.

We returned to the park the next day for a walk and we were fortunate to see another porcupine. This one was on the ground outside his den and this time we had the telephoto lens.