pet portraiture





For multiple pet households, please contact us for pricing breakdown.



1. One 30-minute consultation with owner and pet, within NYC, prior to shoot

2. Up to a 1-hour portrait session at the Pawparazzo studio in Brooklyn, NY

3. Online gallery of image edit from which to choose your preferred shot

4. Image processing and retouching

5. Delivery of two shots as final high resolution TIFF files

6. $75 per additional final retouched image file




1. Pets must come to the shoot as clean as possible: 

  • clean paws, etc. to minimize sullying of the shooting surface/backdrop
  • clean fur, feathers, hair: faces and bodies devoid of mucus, dirt, lint, food particles, etc.

2. Extensive retouching to fix any of these imperfections in post production will incur additional charges of $50/image

3. No props or costumes

4. Bring any treats or toys you deem necessary to your pet's obedience

5. In the case of animals requiring a perch, bowl, or any type of apparatus, owner must supply/bring to the studio

6. No photographing of insects